“I know I shouldn’t hit my kids, but I don’t know what else to do.”

At April’s Child, this is a call for help that we hear from parents nearly every day.

Think for a moment about how the world would change if every parent who is stressepicture3d, angry and overwhelmed could answer that question.  So many more children would grow up in safe and nurturing homes, and we could all take a step towards breaking the devastating generational cycle of violence, abuse and neglect that so many suffer.

We help parents build healthy and appropriate relationships with their children.  We teach effective discipline, stress relief, coping skills and positive parenting techniques.  And we do it in the place where it is easiest for families to practice new skills: their home.

April’s Child has been doing this important work -- breaking the generational cycle of abuse and its devastating consequences -- for nearly 35 years.  We work in all communities throughout Westchester County, acknowledging that child abuse and neglect impacts families and children of all socio-economic levels and ethnic and cultural backgrounds

“I’ve talkPicture1ed about things with you that I could never share with anyone.  Why?  You showed me that I could trust you, so I did.  Even though it took some time, I can honestly say that I love my son, and that you’re the first person that I’ve admitted it to.  I’m grateful that you have stayed in my life even when I wanted to push you away.” ~ Single mother of one son

The families with whom we work often face many struggles: drug or alcohol use, mental illness, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and childhood trauma.  The Parent Aides from April’s Child are frequently the first positive relationship a parent may have ever made, which helps them to heal from their own childhood trauma and provide a secure and nurturing home for their own children.

We are all April’s Child.