Services and Programs

Volunteer Parent Aide Programs

April's Child provides support to families to ensure that children grow up in a healthy and happy home, becoming productive members of our community. Functional families save our society the enormous social and economic costs of coping with maladjusted children, who may eventually exhibit drug and alcohol problems, social problems and/or exhibit criminal behavior.

In this program:

Clients are referred by doctors, teachers, nurses, friends, family or by the overwhelmed parent(s) themselves.

  • Home visitations are provided in order to strengthen the parent/child relationship and to improve home atmosphere.
  • Parent Aides meet with parents in the family's home for one hour per week to offer support, teach parenting skills and effective non-violent discipline methods, anger management, stress relief and child development techniques. Aides also provide information on home management and nutrition.
  • Parent Aides provide as-needed crisis management and emotional support
  • Parent Aides are Volunteers, Social Work Interns and Professional Staff. Our Volunteers and Interns work under the direction of our Professional Staff. English and Spanish-speaking Parent Aides are available.

Speaker's Bureau and Professional Training

Seminars and workshops are designed for your community organization, business, agency, school or parent group, and may be held at your location. 

Subjects covered include:

  • Effective discipline
  • Family communication
  • Bullies and bullying
  • Age-appropriate behaviors
  • Infant care, growth and development
  • Fostering independence in teens
  • Preventing sexual abuse
  • Managing stress in a 21st century family
  • Nurturing self-esteem
  • Middle school years

Parent Helpline

Often, a school, clinic, hospital or church refers clients to us.  We immediately start to assess the situation and work with the client. The Helpline provides information and referral, crisis interventions and supportive services, and is staffed by our professional staff. Other programs such as Information and Referral, Shaken Baby Syndrome, Back to Sleep, Blue Ribbon Campaign, Workshops, Professional Training, and Parents Groups are conducted on an as-needed basis.